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Stephanie Johnson

Cathy Friend


Amanda Nicoletti

Crystal Muth


Amy Simon, Robin Morgan, Sammie Mays, Kathy Knapp

Shari Pastore
Alexis Pastore
Mary Fisher

Charlene Miller
Jaclyn Fish

Carol Sparbel

October, 2017

Have you joined the KGES PTA?
Cost is only $7/adult. Membership forms are available on the school website under the PTA page and on the PTA bulletin board at the entrance to the school.  KGES gets to keep ½ of each membership to use towards KGES services and programs supported by KGES PTA!  THANK YOU!! 
(scroll to bottom of this page for attached form)

Staff Appreciation Week
April 16-20


KGES PTA is charged with providing a yummy hot breakfast to our wonderful teachers before school once/month during their staff meeting.  Can you help? J  Donations of casseroles, fruit, juice, and more accepted the day before each event.  Also *NEW* this year we are happy to offer the opportunity to one lucky parent to come behind the scenes with us as Coffee Talk Assistant of the Month!  What better way to show your appreciation for the teachers personally before the busy school day takes over?  If you can help in either of these ways, please contact Jennifer Josselyn at:

KGES PTA Slate of Officers

President: Terri Rinko  (Email)
Vice President: Misty Rich (Email)
2nd Vice President: Melissa Lamb (Email)
Secretary: Amanda Nicoletti (Email)
Treasurer: Becky Kraisser (Email)


Nov. 14 *special date* Breakfast with the Board meeting 9-10:20AM


Jan. 16 KGES PTA MEETING 4PM Library

Feb. 13 *special date* Breakfast with the Board meeting 9-10:20AM

March 20 KGES PTA Meeting 4PM Library

April 17 KGES PTA Meeting 4PM Library

May 15 Breakfast with the Board meeting 9-10:20AM

Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases toward the KGES PTA!



It's Cool to Do Well in School
KGES PTA and KGES will be celebrating our Honor Roll students again this year
 with ice pops after each grading period.

Volunteers of the Month
KGES PTA loves to celebrate its volunteers!  Each month 2 volunteers will be honored!

Subway Spirit Days --  
KG Walmart Subway Spirit Days are the 3rd Tuesday of each month!  Order a sub meal at KG Walmart Subway on our Spirit Days and Subway donates $1 back to KGES PTA!

Would you like to treat a teacher? J  KGES PTA takes teacher orders on spirit day and delivers to the school!  Interested in giving a teacher of your choice lunch on you?  Your $5 will get it done! If interested, please Contact Becky Kraisser at:  

November 21
December 19
January 16
February 20
March 20
April 17
May 15


The overall purpose of PTA is to make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children

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